Paola Hibs 10th Aniversary

Pride, nostalgia, fun... these were the main ingredients in a mixture of emotions during 10th anniversary of Paola Hibs Volleyball Club. The superb event was held at the Cavalieri Hotel in St Julians, and the climax of this entertaining night was reached when a power point presentation, illustrating the club's history, hit the screen.

The club's founding members Carmen Gauci (club President) and Tiziana Bonnici (club Secretary) applied to form the new club 10 years ago. It was on the 19th July that the formal approval from the Malta Volleyball Association came through. A new Volleyball club was formed (then registered as Paola Volleyball Club), and was eligible to participate in the National tournaments. Little did the founders know, the great success this new club will achieve in its 10 year history.

The hard work that went towards the formation and development of the club, deservedly reaped its fruit, and one can acknowledge this through the list of honours Paola Hibs Volleyball Club achieved during the years.

In the past 9 years the club won all the Senior National trophies, 26 consecutive Cups. The club also won a number of Junior National tournaments. Paola Hibs organized a number of tournaments on our shores, inviting over a number of foreign teams, while the club was invited and did take part in tournaments abroad.

It was also a great honour to be the first local club to participate in the prestigious CEV Challenge Cup.

This immense success that this relatively young club managed to achieve during it's 10 year history, is the result of hard work and endless sacrifices, done by the dedicated committee members, coaches and players, who had a positive vision of what this club could contribute to the local sport.

The Club wishes to wholeheartedly thank all those who somehow or another gave their support throughout these years, especially in the most difficult times.

The Club will continue doing its utmost to keep thriving and growing. Thus we look forward to gain further achievements and excellence.